Let's build FUN! into your summer training!

Looking for new things to do with your dog? How about trying out canine sports!

We will be offering a variety of summer events this year - from beginning agility which will meet once a week for 5 weeks starting June 7 to our ongoing Sports Camp of scent work & treibball which meet weekly throughout the summer.

All classes require pre-registration so to save your spot, register today or email for more information :

Tue, Jul 1 12:00 am - 12:00 pm

Welcome to Positive Rewards dog training!

From companion to competitor, offering positive reinforcement training for all ages & breeds of dogs.

Positive Rewards dog training is located on Martha's Vineyard Island, in southeastern Massachusetts.

Are you interested in building a better dog?

Using the science of learning, positive reinforcement training can teach you how to teach your dog( or horse, or parrot, or fish) to do amazing things, or simply be a great companion.

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